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DAVACO's all star leadership meeting scheduled for February.
"The DAVACO Way and Beyond" theme sets the stage for future growth and successes.

Dallas, TX (January 17, 2008) – DAVACO, Inc., the national leading provider of retail services, announced today that it will hold its Annual All-Star Field Leadership Meeting in Dallas, Texas on February 9-10 and February 16-17, 2008. The annual event, which brings a select group of nearly 200 of DAVACO’s field associates from across the country, is designed to further elevate the essential role of these associates, as well as provide a forum for additional training on best practices, operations, customer service, company news and DAVACO’s strategic plans for 2008 and beyond.

Attendees to the 2008 Leadership Meeting were split into two groups based on job schedules to minimize any disruption to current client programs. In addition, the smaller groups will facilitate a more personal setting to allow for more one-on-one training and discussions, as well as topic specific break-outs.

“This year’s theme is ‘The DAVACO Way and beyond’,” said Rick Davis, CEO, DAVACO, Inc. “We will take the opportunity to re-examine the importance of  ‘The DAVACO Way’ and determine ways to take this work ethic to a whole new level of performance and customer satisfaction.”

With over 600 employees across the country, DAVACO’s field associates execute high-volume programs for national retailers throughout the United States. Along with high-quality work that reinforces the clients’ national retail brand, the company continues to place a strong emphasis on customer service and operates under the philosophy of “The DAVACO Way,” which encompasses quality, leadership, professionalism, safety and customer satisfaction.  

“Our field team represents DAVACO in the nation’s retail locations across the country, so our high-standards of quality and execution begin with them and extend throughout every department and every individual in this company,” said Davis. “‘The DAVACO Way’ is more than just words, it is the heart and soul of DAVACO.”

About DAVACO Inc.
DAVACO, the national leading provider of retail services, specializes in the quality management and execution of in-store merchandising, shop-in-shops and high-volume rollouts, retrofits, resets, and new stores. DAVACO offers a comprehensive range of management and execution services that help retailers maximize brand presence and profitability at retail. Services include: rollouts, retrofits, resets and remodels In addition, fixture and graphics installations, project services, project management, soft- and hard-line merchandising, site and marketing surveys, logistics and consolidation, design services and strategic sourcing. Founded in 1990, the company is based in Dallas. For more information, visit

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